What You Should Know about Social Phobia

Social Phobia is more common than you think

Social phobia is a social anxiety disorder that disables people from doing normal things in their daily lives. It is one of the most common phobias affecting about 12% of the residents of the US alone at least once in their life.girl having anxiety attack


This disorder is most common during the preteen years, most especially around 11 years of age. In this time people are in school and they are performing normally in their school duties when suddenly they start to notice a certain fear of doing things in front of other people. It might be confused at first by a normal shyness of speaking in public or of doing activities in groups. But as the condition evolves it is observed that the disorder progresses into the social phobia itself.

Stats have shown that about 50% of people that are diagnosed are under 11 years old and about 80% of people will have the disorder by 20 years of age. The disorder can lead to alcohol dependence as people try to ease their social struggles and depression. This then leads to a more deepened health state which results in more serious treatment.

General Treatment Options

Treatments are usually provided with psychological counseling with psychiatrist medication. A psychiatrist will analyze the general symptoms a patient has and then will prescribe medicine that will counter the effects of anxiety, depression and any other symptoms. Advanced medication used in the treatment of social phobia does not create dependence in patients. People that are seeking medication should always have in mind to only use medication that has minimum concentrated doses required to treat their condition. It is said that in many cases patients can reduce the usage of such medication and also quit it altogether in future phases of their treatment

In general it is said that the lack of information about the disorder along with the embarrassment people have to admit their condition, leads to people living more troubled lives. If only people were diagnosed quicker in their early stages it would allow them to start therapy early and improve their quality of life.

Another factor that increases the difficulty of people obtaining treatment is the high cost involved with seeking psychiatric and psychological medical services and also buying prescribed medication to treat social phobia. Medication is usually expensive and the long term treatment usually weighs a lot on poorer patients.


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Governments should provide medical assistance free of charge for patients that are of poorer conditions, given the considerable amount of US citizens (12%) who experience social phobia at least once in their lives. Education of the general population should be provided in order to raise awareness of such condition. This will increase the living standards of people as they will have their clinical condition detected and treated early on. Patients won’t have to deal with the disease untreated in their lives and will be able to be happy. Since society is organized in such a state that isolates people it is only common for this disorder to continue to be recurrent and treatment should be taken seriously.